How to stop your dive mask from fogging (forever)

A foggy mask will absolutely ruin your day out diving, but it should never happen! Lots of people dont realize that all you need to do is remove the protective coating which is added to the inside of the mask to protect the mask while in transit. To stop your mask from fogging just follow the steps in this video:

Here is how to stop your mask from fogging:

  1. Use a lighter to burn off the protective coating, be sure to get into the corners. Hold the lighter about 3-5cm from the mask and continue until the mask turns black with smoke
  2. Clean the mask with a towel
  3. Repeat one more time
  4. Give it a good clean with toothpaste

Your mask should now be fog free!

Here is another great video from the one and only Dan Mann which explains the process much better

From the Community

“Yep did the same thing with mine, never fog anymore, or you can just spit and its back to normal” – Alex T.

“I burn the inside of the lens and then get toothpaste and a cloth to polish it up a bit. Then each time I dive I spit in it and rinse. After several months you will have to use the toothpaste or similar antifog product again because when you are wearing the mask you sweat and there is a combination of water vapour and oil, sometimes sunscreen, salt and other contaminants that create a film on the mask for the condensation to start forming on again. Sometimes it’s a good idea to dunk your head in the water before putting the mask on to cool it down a bit too so the difference between inside and outside the mask isn’t so great. (Like pointing the aircon on the windscreen in the car to stop fogging)” – Mackenzie L.

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