Mahi Low Volume Mask with GoPro Mount

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Super affordable low volume mask with an inbuilt GoPro mount. Tried and tested by the Jolly Roger team. Rubber is soft, seals well and fits most face types. Simply mount your GoPro’s supersuit, adjust the angle and then lock it off with a screwdriver – you’ll never suffer from crooked footage again!

With the Mahi mask you’ll be be able to not only spear gigantic Morwongs but also film the action with your GoPro to show all of your friends and family.

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Weight 0.172 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm

9 reviews for Mahi Low Volume Mask with GoPro Mount

  1. Daniel Barnett

    I’m so much more confident in the water when I have a mask that seals properly!
    Awesome product!

  2. Rhys Clay

    I have been using this Mask for 6 months now nearly twice per week and it has not let me down. I have captured heaps more of my diving on footage because I never forget my GoPro super suit (its strapped to my mask!). I also love that I can get the angle perfect and lock it off.

  3. Jake Drechsler

    I’ve tried 4-5 different masks and it’s the only one that will seal on my face! Really comfy too!

  4. Lakeesha Sermak

    I have recently purchased this mask, and have been using it to capture my spearfishing and diving adventures. Absolutely loving it! It fits my face nicely, doesn’t fog up, and stays in place. Definitely recommend!

  5. Luke

    I bought this mask for my partner to get her into Spearfishing. I tried it a couple times myself and it fit perfectly with no leaks and didn’t fog up which was a bonus. Nice low volume which helps heaps as I’ve got bad sinuses.

  6. Dan

    Have tried many masks and find I usually need bigger masks to fit my face. This low volume mask fits me perfectly though, which makes diving much more comfortable.

  7. Adam Lobegeier

    I’ve tried quite a few masks over the years and this is hands down one of the best fitting and most suitable for those who want a GoPro mount. An absolute no-brainer at this price point.

    Super soft, fits well despite my rough noggin and the strap clips + GoPro mount are sturdy. I won’t be looking for another mask anytime soon.

    Get amongst it!

  8. Neal

    Fits perfectly. I have had trouble with Masks leaking in the past however, this one didn’t. Such a relief TBH.

  9. Alex Day

    Great little mask, nice soft silicone, fits and seals well. My current go-to mask! Great value as well. Thanks Jolly Rogers

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